Produce Offering

by mujigo

Sunday evening and time to post this weeks offering, i have to say that Mrs. Vanessa B. gave me the idea this week. Yall need to look at her post on Jazzac from Friday, Vanessa made an awesome soup, she even shares her receipe. Ok, so here we go, we had some bell peppers left over and i decided to make some stuffed bell peppers which I did and actually froze some. Then I saw Vanessa’s soup post. W…ell I made her soup and put two of my stuffed peppers in the soup. Turned out awesome, didnt add any other seasoning just the two stuffed bell peppers.. so thats where we’re going this week. Stuffed bell peppers which i suggest you make a couple of extras and freeze them. you’ll need them next week.
this weeks offering:
Green Bell Peppers
Brown Rice
Celery Carrots
Romaine lettuce (for a salad)
Gala Apples
Bartlett Pears
One pound lean ground beef (from Teel’s)
We’ll have the stuffed Bell Pepper receipe on Facebook and the webpage by in the morning. Remember to freeze a couple for next week. Thanks and God Bless