Produce Basket Offering

by mujigo

Good Morning from the farm, we’re loving this cooler weather and the heavy morning dew it brings. It’s so nice to have coffee on the patio and watch the sun rise. While having coffee this morning we discussed the number of people that receive our weekly email, and there’s quite a few. Thanks in part to networking of “Parker County Mama” the list has grown substantially. We decided it was only appropriate to thank all the wonderful people that have spread the word about our produce baskets and give our email list folks an opportunity to give us a try. So this week we are offering a 10% discount on our produce baskets. Those of you that haven”t tried it will have an opportunity to experience this already great value at real savings and to our many regular customers, this is our way of saying thank you.
This weeks Produce Basket Offering will be ::
White Potatoes
Green Beans
Gala Apples
Navel Oranges
Red Seedless Grapes
Yellow Onions
Zucchini Squash
Please place your order on line, we will be delivering to Tarrant County on Wednesday and Parker County on Friday so get your order in early.
Again, many thanks and God Bless.