Jazbac Farm - Community Sponsored Agriculture

Our Farm

Jazbac is a family farm located in Parker County, Texas approximately 30 miles West of Fort Worth.

The produce from our garden is all naturally grown. We use sustainable methods to raise fresh seasonal produce free of toxic chemical residue. We use organic practices.

We do not use pesticides or herbicides, and we use non- genetically modified seeds.

Our goal is to provide to you the highest quality, most nutritious produce available while maintaining the integrity of our soil. We strive to make our soil nutrient rich, and more alive each year.

We hope to provide you with the opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices, deepening your connection with the source of your food, and possibly improving your own gardening techniques.

We will also be sharing nutritional information and recipes for the product we sell.
We currently sell our produce at the Aledo Farmer’s Market, and Annetta Farmers Market,
– Saturday,and Sunday, respectively.
You may also order products and produce baskets online.