Farm Wisdom

by Barbara Choate

chicken eggs 


I decided to start a strict and healthy Juice regimen since it was January and the brand new year – juice two meals a day, and one low fat healthy food meal, maybe take off a few pounds, new exercise routine, etc.  I’m so pumped up!  Yes!  Yes! Yes!  This is working – I’m energized –

Two days later, I’m in the pantry dipping walnuts into expired marshmallow cream – and still craving that unknown chocolaty gooey crunchy thingy and wandering if there’s a good wine it will pair with –

And my darling sweetheart, James – is still with the program – He watched Joe Cross with me, on not one but two “Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead” programs on juicing across the planet – and I don’t want to dampen his progress on healthy juicing and eating – so I’m not telling him that I’ve slipped and no, he won’t be reading this blog – I’m watching him beyond my computer while he’s figuring out how we are going to plant 10,000 onions this week – I just love him so much.

Lifestyle is the answer for me. All things in moderation is the answer for me.  Julia Child’s type wisdom is the answer for me (The French have a little of the rich food and wine, it is satisfying and there is no huge eating involved of foods that don’t satisfy your hunger – (I paraphrased).

So I will continue with the lifestyle that I love. Fresh Halibut broiled in butter with a squeeze of  lemon, Salad veggies from our garden, homemade bread, Dry and luscious wines, and cheese plates,  and I will “listen to my body” – that’s wisdom from my father, I miss his advice and non-conformist attitudes.

If one “listens to their body” they will know what to eat. I remember when I was expecting my first baby – the entire pregnancy I craved oily fish – and my dad kept saying “listen to your body” – you need that.

In summary, be kind to yourself , love and embrace your family and friends, enjoy the foods you love in moderation, cry and grieve hard, laugh and be joyous , and have a Blessed year in 2016.