FARM WISDOM – Live in the Moment & Share Yourself

I heard an interesting lesson from a radio talk show yesterday – about living in the moment, sharing yourself, and making everything you do count. It was inspirational.

Living in the future has always been an issue of mine – being a “Futuristic Visionary” is exhausting, the “what if’s” are maddening. Have you ever known anyone who upon departing their home, takes another 15 minutes to make sure they have packed water, Tylenol, emergency crackers, etc., just to go shopping for a couple of hours? (My darling James is very patient, I’ve noticed he creates things to do at this time of departure, and although he thinks I’m getting better at departures, I am secretly packing ahead of time in order to be less annoying). I was born 43. That’s what my friends say about me.

My children are grown, I have no nerves left, I have decided to live in the moment I am in, create happy memories for the grandchildren, have purple hair and tell wild stories that make their eyes pop with amazement. We’ll see. I have a few. It is important to share yourself and your experiences, this is a good lesson to learn.

My earliest joy was watching my parents farm and raise animals, they worked so hard with such joy and enthusiasm, I remember thinking they must be lunatics to pick black-eyed peas for hours in a hot field with those big hats, But then, we would drink ice tea that tasted cool and sweet while we all sat under the shade tree, gentle breeze blowing, and shelled peas and listened to stories about the family. (My favorite to this day – when my dad wasn’t minding, his grandmother, who was named “big ol mama” – would spank him with a huge butcher knife – I’ve seen the pictures and I think she would do it).

When I was around 10, I helped my dad grow sugar cane. Our cousins in Georgia had a syrup mill, we visited on our vacations, and my dad learned to make ribbon cane syrup – I have a jar of Ribbon Cane from the farm in Blairsville, GA – it must be 50 years old, never opened and it looks just fine. That was a shared experience I will never forget, I am so thankful for that time together, and for all the times my family shared themselves so generously with their teachings, and values, and time.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” – in other words, we all should share our experiences, knowledge and time with all those who will benefit from it.

Today we will dig in the dirt, two of us will be riding the onion planter – and I will remain in the moment at all times – the big wheel goes round, you sit beside it while the tractor is pulling the planter, and you put the onions in upside down – yes, one at a time and there are thousands of onions! If you miss putting your onions in the wheel while it is rolling like a conveyor belt – well you will have a blank space in “YOUR” row and “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BACK THERE!” It reminds me of the Lucy and Ethyl show where they are working at the candy company and they’re not going fast enough – they start hiding the candy under their hats, etc. Last year Andrew was dragging one foot as the onion planter planted he was uncovering the plant – and unplanting the onions – We have a lot of fun doing this! We are truly Blessed.